~ Plastic Pollution Activities

~ Plastic Pollution Activities

CSMC has teamed with other non-profit organizations to educate our community and influence legislation to reducing plastic pollutions in our oceans.  Recent actions include the passing of a Carmel City council ordinance to require restaurants to serve compostable straws and utensils, screenings of Straws; a film featuring our own Santa Cruz and Monterey communities, beach cleanups, restaurant outreach activities and lemonade stands hosted by school children and girl scouts to raise awareness with the public.  All are invited to join this movement in Monterey area by participating in any of the these related activities.

Support our Youth

Host a Lemonade Stand in November  — download instructions and materials.

                                                        Learn more about plastic pollution

If you missed one of the Straws film screening in Carmel, Pacific Grove or Monterey and Pacific Grove, visit the strawsfilm site to view the trailer or find upcoming screenings.  Visit Plastic Pollution Coalition or The Last Plastic Straw to learn more the growing movement to address this worldwide crisis.

                                                          Advocate to your local restaurant

Wear this button when dining out and give to your servers to wear as a reminder of

a simple thing we all can do to curb plastic pollution.  If you would like buttons, please click here to tell us how many buttons you would like and to what address to have them delivered.

Print this flyer and give to your local restaurant to display as their support for  No Straw November and for the long term, suggest they note ‘straws served on request’ in their menus or table tents.  The Last Plastic Straw site has more best practices and resources for restaurants.



Be An Example

Whether you’re a restaurant or individual looking for paper or reusable straws, check out the Last Plastic Straw site for alternatives or visit etsy sites like AandEStraws.etsy.com for reusable metal, bambo or glass straws.  Local stores carrying reusable straws include Monterey Bay Aquarium, Lillify in Monterey, Juice & Java in Pacific Grove and EcoCarmel in Carmel.   


Reward and Thank Our Ocean Friendly Restaurants   

CSMC expresses our gratitude to the progressively sustainable restaurants in the Monterey Area.  Though this list is not inclusive, we thank the following restaurants for their sustainable practices that often go beyond this plastic straw initiative:  In Pacific Grove:  Passionfish (no straws served at all), Jennini’s (reusable metal straws), La Mia Cucina, Fandangos, The Beach House, Happy Girl Kitchen, Julias, Taste Cafe, Holly’s, Mandos, Bookworks Cafe.   In Monterey:  The Aquarium’s Cafe and Cindy’s Waterfront, Montrio Bistro, Hula’s, Clement’s C Restaurant and Bar,.  In Carmel: Basil Seasoning

We will work with our cities’ hospitality organizations to publish a list of Ocean Friendly restaurants for our eco-conscious residents and visitors.