~ Monterey Bay Community Power

The goal of Monterey Bay Community Power (CCA) is to make the development, procurement and delivery of energy, and energy conservation and energy efficiency programs, a locally controlled, generated, and managed program throughout the tri-county Monterey Bay region.

Here’s Robert Frischmuth’s report on the latest meeting:

I attended the March 26, 2015 meeting of the Project Development Advisory Committee, PDAC. (The last meeting was in July last year). I am impressed by the progress. Currently the Project is in the technical feasibility study phase. Highlights are as follows:

  • $397,396 was raised For Feasibility Study
  • Proposals for study were recently received.
  • Contractor selection is expected by June, 2015.

The detailed goals of the study can be found here: http://montereybaycca.org/kris/SOWcleancopy.pdf

The Feasibility Study is expected to be completed later this year.

Stay connected as the project proceeds at: http://montereybaycca.org/