~ Monterey Bay Community Power – Rally at CPUC in San Francisco, Feb 8th

CSMC representatives, Robert Frischmuth, Heidi Zamzow and Denyse Frischmuth, and Omar Perez of the Romero Institute (Santa Cruz) participated in the rally at the California Public Utility Commission in San Francisco on February 8th in support of Monterey Bay Community Power, and attended the meeting that followed. Salinas Councilman Steve McShane, policy board member of Monterey Bay Community Power, was one of the eloquent speakers at the rally. Forty three people, representing the interests and concerns of existing CCEs and those in the planning stage  spoke at the meeting in defense of a more open decision making process by the CPU regarding CCEs.

The contested item was removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda. It related to the accounting procedure for power procurement by suppliers and purchasers and the scheduling of the accounting reporting. They said that a reporting procedure is necessary for insuring reliability of power delivery. However, as currently structured, the scheduling of the reporting (yearly), slows down the start of CCEs coming on line. After 3 hours of testimony and deliberation, the Commission voted unanimously in support of the resolution. They said that the current state law left them no choice but to vote in favor of the resolution.

Robert Frischmuth (CSMC), Steve McShane (Salinas council member),
Omar Perez (Romero Institute, Santa Cruz), and Heidi Zamzow (CSMC)

Efren Carrillo, former Sonoma County Supervisor and founding governing board member of Sonoma Clean Power

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