Sustainable Seaside

Sustainable Seaside is a group of concerned local citizens working locally towards solutions to environmental challenges.

OUR GOAL:   To make the City of Seaside and adjacent areas a model of sustainability through innovative local actions which work to enhance our community.


Sustainable Seaside is currently focused on its 2018 Actions and Projects:

Community input from the online survey and the discussion on January 23 at our 2018 Annual Planning Meeting produced a 2018 plan that includes the following focus areas and projects.

2018 Priorities:

  • Sustainable Land Use and Economic Development
  • Promote Fort Ord National Monument as asset for Seaside, promote trail connectivity, and consider Eastside Parkway’s impact to existing trails and habitat.
  • Safe Biking Lanes and Maps
  • Support Public Water

2018 Special Events:

  • Earth Day Event – April 22 (date to be confirmed)
  • Sustainable Living Tour Sept 8 (date to be confirmed)
  • Candidate Forum for November Seaside elections (October)


  • Park and Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Plastic Straws and Single Use Plastics – campaign to eliminate in local businesses
  • Monterey Bay Community Power – education and promotion
  • Eco-recreation Center Robert’s Lake partnership with the City

We invite you to contact us at to share your ideas
and get involved with any of these projects. 

1. Water: Providing education on water catchment, conservation, and issues concerning the protection of local water sources and Monterey Bay.
2. Nature: Protecting and expanding walking/hiking/biking trails. Planting more trees in city parks and in public places. Promoting home gardening and the creation of sustainable community gardens.
3. Parks: Partnering with neighborhoods and the City to revitalize and maintain our parks.
4. Energy: Advocating low-energy lighting and renewable energy for homes, businesses and city buildings.
5. Recycling: Encouraging “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” programs such as reusable shopping bags, composting, and reduction of single-use plastics.


Meetings, Event, and Announcements:  Visit our Google Group and sign up to receive updates.   For more information contact Catherine Crockett at


Other Sustainable Seaside actions and in:

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