Sustainable Seaside

Sustainable Seaside is a group of concerned local citizens working locally towards solutions to environmental challenges.

OUR GOAL:   To make the City of Seaside and adjacent areas a model of sustainability through innovative local actions which work to enhance our community.

“SUSTAINABILITY” means “meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.” (UN Conference, 1987).

OUR ACTIONS are based on two documents: the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and the United Nations Urban Environmental Accords. Click here for more information and to download a copy of these documents.

Sustainable Seaside is currently focused on five Environmental Accord areas:

1. Water: Providing education on water catchment, conservation, and issues concerning the protection of local water sources and Monterey Bay.
2. Nature: Protecting and expanding walking/hiking/biking trails. Planting more trees in city parks and in public places. Promoting home gardening and the creation of sustainable community gardens.
3. Parks: Partnering with neighborhoods and the City to revitalize and maintain our parks.
4. Energy: Advocating low-energy lighting and renewable energy for homes, businesses and city buildings.
5. Recycling: Encouraging “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” programs such as reusable shopping bags, composting, and reduction of single-use plastics.


Meetings, Event, and Announcements:  Visit our Google Group and sign up to receive updates.   For more information contact Catherine Crockett at


SPECIAL: Curious to see exactly where the proposed Monterey Downs will go? It’s just off 8th & Gigling in Seaside’s back yard. Kay Cline and Bill Weigle are leading easy walks that are eye-opening and revealing.  Call Kay 831-899-7934 to schedule individual or group hikes.

Other Sustainable Seaside actions and in:

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