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Sustainable Carmel Valley is one of 9 local action groups under the umbrella mission of Communities for a Sustainable Monterey County, “To meet the challenge of declining resources and climate change by helping our communities transition to sustainable practices.”

We think we can change the world, because we must! If you think so too, join us in building community resilience together. Here’s a road map:

Poster: A Community-Based Resilience Framework

When we formed Sustainable Carmel Valley in 2008, we adopted the 1987 UN Conference definition of sustainability: “meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs,” as our reason for being. We said we wanted to be a model of sustainability and preparedness through innovative, active, local solutions that enhance community.

We share common purpose with the Carmel Valley Association on the preservation of natural beauty and rural character of the Valley. We encourage you to sign up for their informative weekly newsletter here, to follow their monitoring the effects of government policy on water, traffic, and land use.

We endorse Protect Monterey County‘s Measure Z to ban fracking in Monterey County. We support our ranchers and farmers, vintners and wineries, so important to our Carmel Valley ecology and economy, by banning risky oil operations that threaten our water. The risks to our agricultural economy, health, and the effects of burning fossil fuels on climate change makes it urgent to stop extreme oil extraction methods. Monterey County has a bright future if we can turn public policy towards clean renewable energy sources.

We collaborate with Keep Fort Ord Wild to prevent massive inappropriate development and to preserve trees, trails, and habitat on the gift of public land the Army left us all.

If you have time and talent and desire to work together for local resilience and enhanced interdependence, please contact us below, and LIKE and contribute your ideas to our Facebook page.

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