Sustainable Monterey


Our Goal: Sustainable Monterey  is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of Monterey.  We promote green policies and practices, raise awareness, and spur community action to enable a socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous Monterey. 

Who We are: Sustainable Monterey is a community volunteer organization, founded in March 2007, undertaking projects to help Monterey become more self-reliant and sustainable. In response to concerns about energy problems, pollution, climate change, economic uncertainty, and resource limitiations, Monterey residents have come together to prepare locally.

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Random Acts of Energy Efficiency: Do you ever go into a restroom that is over-lit? More lights than necessary? Well, you can save energy by delamping, or unscrewing the bulb and unscrewing unnecessary energy demand. Commit random acts of energy efficiency today!

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