Protect Monterey County – Ban Fracking


Monterey County has a bright, vibrant future based on agriculture and tourism. Fracking and other high intensity petroleum operations will put that future at risk unless we act.
A coalition of concerned Central Coast residents has formed to ban extreme oil extraction in Monterey County and protect our water. The initiative has qualified for November 2016 presidential election.

Don’t let the petroleum industry decide our county’s future.

Despite a unanimous recommendation by the Planning Commission, and thousands of letters, emails and demands from residents, the Monterey County Supervisors failed to pass a fracking moratorium in 2015.

Read the the LA Times article on the risks of fracking wastewater to our potable water supply:
“The agencies charged with overseeing oil production and protecting California’s ever-dwindling water sources from the industry’s pollution all fell down on the job, one state official told a panel of peeved lawmakers Tuesday.”


Both Senator Bill Monning and Assemblymember Mark Stone said, “Do not expect any meaningful regulation from the state.”  It’s time for citizens to act to protect our future.

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Ban Fracking!