Community Collaborations

CSMC collaborates with these groups and more. Together we make great things happen!

Californians for Pesticide Reform

The buffer zone for pesticide application near schools is 2,640 feet, except in Monterey County, where our Ag Commissioner figures 400 ft is sufficient. CPR helps the local volunteer Safe Strawberry Working Group achieve sensible regulations.

Food & Water Watch

Food & Water Watch is one of the very few advocacy groups that supplies organizing help and resources to grassroots activists in affected communities.

Hope Services

HOPE Services improves the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. They reduce landfill and toxic pollution by providing recycling for all your outdated electronic consumer products.

Keep Fort Ord Wild

Keep Fort Ord Wild is a community coalition dedicated to the preservation of trails, recreation, wildlife and habitat on Fort Ord. “We support sensible, economically viable, redevelopment of the extensive blight within the urban footprint of the former base. We support conservation of existing undeveloped open space for the enjoyment of current and future generations.”

Monterey College of Law

The MCL generously allows community groups its meeting space, and includes use of equipment and often supplies on site staff support. Their accommodation allows space for the “sparks.”

Monterey Seed Library

Visit the Monterey Seed Library inside the Monterey Public Library
625 Pacific St., Monterey. 646-3932.
Financial and seed donations are welcome.

Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County

NAMC develops and fosters collaborations between Monterey County nonprofits, helping make us all stronger.

Protect Monterey County – Ban Fracking

PMC needs you to help to safeguard our water, protect our strong agricultural and tourism-based economy and assure a bright, healthy future for Monterey County families.   PMC’s mission is to pass a citizens’ initiative in Nov 2016 to prevent the harmful impacts of extreme extraction methods, including hydraulic fracturing and acidization.

Public Water Now

Public Water Now is a community-based organization committed to achieving the lowest cost, sustainable water supply for the Monterey Peninsula through public ownership.

Safe Ag Safe Schools

SASS, (formerly the Safe Strawberry Monterey Bay Working Group), seeks to inform and mobilize the people in the Monterey Bay region to work together to tighten regulations to keep school children safe.

Stormwater & Education Alliance (Monterey SEA)

Educating the general public and targeted audiences about the impacts of stormwater and specific behaviors they can implement to protect water quality is the goal of this regional group.

Surfrider Foundation – Monterey Chapter

A community of people who are passionate about protecting the coastline of Monterey Bay and ensuring that everyone has access to a clean and healthy ocean and coastline. Target actions include beach cleanups, local political advocacy, and halting the destructive sand mining operations in our bay.