Who We Are


Communities for Sustainable Monterey County is a 501(c)3 California Public Benefit corporation.


Our mission is to help our communities transition to sustainable practices to meet the challenge of declining resources and climate change.


We engage and educate individuals , businesses, and policy makers to create the changes needed to safeguard the long-term health of our environment and the resources needed to sustain current and future generations.


We are an organization of eight community-based local action groups and two regional projects, (Community Gardens and Time Banking), in Monterey County. We have over 6,000 supporters and our volunteers contribute 9,000 hours per year, on average. We provide environmental education and promote land, water, and energy conservation, community gardens, time banking, green building ordinances, public transportation, waste reduction, and a localized economy. Collaborating with other community organizations and agencies strengthens our impact.

We are a Transition Initiative
  Transitions is a global network of groups committed to building resilient communities by promoting local food, economies, energy and skills.

Officers of the Board

Denise Frischmuth, President
Cathy Rivera, Vice President
Ellen Gannon, Treasurer
Karin Locke, Secretary and Co-Treasurer

CSMC Board of Directors (View Here)

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