Congratulations to the YES on Z team and to the voters of Monterey County!
With the passage Measure Z, Monterey County is the first major oil-producing county in California to ban fracking, and becomes the seventh California county, joining neighboring San Benito and Santa Cruz counties.
Please say “Thank You” with your donation to retire the campaign debt 



CSMC is a Transition Initiative

Transitions is a global network of groups committed to building resilient communities by promoting local food, economies, energy and skills.

Our Goals

  • Enable communities to meet new challenges and new opportunities
  • Decrease use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources
  • Protect our environment

Our Actions CSMC’s community-based groups provide environmental education and encourage conservation of land, water, and energy; they promote waste reduction, ‘green’ building ordinances, public transportation, community gardens, and more.