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CSMC is so very grateful for the many donations that pushed us over the top! We exceeded all expectations from this year’s inclusion in Monterey County Weekly’s Big Idea donor program! 

Your donation to Communities for Sustainable Monterey County will let us begin to Canopy Castroville, and raise awareness of the value of trees to the economic and social health of our communities.

Saving trees is not just for the trees – it’s for the people!


We are a Transition Initiative

Transitions is a global network of groups committed to building resilient communities by promoting local food, economies, energy and skills.

Our Goals

  • Enable communities to meet new challenges and new opportunities
  • Decrease use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources
  • Protect our environment

Our Actions CSMC’s community-based groups provide environmental education and encourage conservation of land, water, and energy; they promote waste reduction, ‘green’ building ordinances, public transportation, community gardens, and more.